Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Kanawha Valley antiques dealers reinvest in New River market

Keith and Drema Wood
Two veteran antiques dealers renowned for their expertise in glassware and West Virginia collectibles have relocated to Fayetteville and are enjoying success in its burgeoning antiques market.

Drema and Keith Wood, co-owners of D&K Collectibles, say they couldn't he happier with their move to the town near the New River Gorge that is increasingly known as a state destination for pickers.

"Fayetteville is quickly becoming an antiques market that people are talking about across the state and beyond," says Drema Wood.

"By our count there are now 12 antiques shops in Fayette County alone, and, in this business, the more shops, the merrier."

Earlier this summer, after Keith Wood learned that his primary job was being eliminated, the couple decided to leave their long-term location in the Nitro Antiques Mall and search for a location nearer their home in Boomer.

The Woods had been aware of the potential in Fayetteville, but two months after opening they say the soundness of their decision has been confirmed.

"I wouldn't say I'm surprised at the amount of traffic, but I will say that I'm happy," Drema Wood said of the outcome.

The Woods' store at 211 N. Court St. has since garnered much attention. On the chief route between the U.S. 19 and the town's historic district, it enjoys high visibility as well as the opportunity to attract sightseers and diners eating in the district's restaurants.

Now that D&K is positioned to attract the casual tourist as well as antiquers, Keith Wood says he'll begin to look toward selling odd and unique antiques as well as the lines of glassware and West Virginia collectibles for which the Woods are known.

For more information on the shop, call 304-574-1250 or visit its Facebook page.


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